Recipe Ideas

10469331_1939376409536400_8411361997519699372_nAny of our vinegars can be used in place of wine or cider vinegars in all of your favourite recipes, mixed with olive oil to make a flavourful dip for bread, or added to sparkling water to make a refreshing sour soda.  Some general use suggestions are listed by variety below, or click on this link for more detailed recipes.  

 Balsamic Vinegars all of our balsamic varieties are delicious sprinkled over grilled or steamed vegetables, mixed with oil for dipping bread or dressing salads, or reduced with sugar to make a sweet and sour syrup perfect for drizzling over ice cream and berries

Plum with Thai Chili – use in place of rice wine vinegar in stir fries, dipping sauces, Asian slaws, noodle salads, and sweet and sour stir fries

Tarragon infused Plum – a classic French flavour (with a fruity twist!), use with chicken, fish, green beans and salads

Raspberry – use in salad dressings or add to sparkling water for a sour soda

Blackberry – perfect for dressings and marinades

Pinot Noir – delicious, sharp red wine vinegar, our favorite on Greek salads

Syrah/Shiraz – a soft and fruity red wine vinegar, lovely on green salads

Raspberry Champagne – sprinkle on freshly steamed vegetables or fruit salad


Have your own favourite SSI Artisan Vinegar recipe?  Send it to us!